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Building websites with custom-built code that makes design options richer and more diverse options for templates.

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Express Developers
  • Customized websites for SEO results, and coded webpages with semantic HTML5 tags that help reveal related content to for best search results.
  • Over 800 apps created and live on the web, producing the audience that the small businesses were expecting. I saved time and money ion their needs.
  • I make the internet your lead funnel for your business, encouraging the audience to sign up for newsletters, send you inquiries, and buy from you.
Web design

Web design for small business

Web design & building pages have always been created by developers, and they still actually are. If you are using a platform like WordPress, those templates are created by developers. The drag and drop tools ar . . .

web designs

Using Custom Websites

Creating websites for the internet has grown over the past several years, and has been made available to the average consumer. The cost of developers were expensive, and so that problem was solved by using plat . . .

Custom Site


  • Built with HTML, CSS, & JavaScript
  • Uses MongoDB for managing records
  • Flexible layout for presenting content
  • Unique design for your business needs

Shopify Site


  • Template made from SEO Design
  • Plugins for integrations & CMS
  • Most used ecommerce platform online
  • Manageable content and template

WordPress Site


  • SEO enriched content for pages
  • Easy to use CMS for all your content
  • Easy to change content with user access
  • Comes with secure https certificate option