I am a US Army veteran, trained in many areas in the Military, electrical work, construction, and computer programming. I have served for 17 years, started coding in 2019 with Bottega University. I have contributed to over 70 open source Github projects and created over 800 apps. I currently work as a freelance web developer and coding instructor on Teachable and on Udemy. I reside in Oklahoma and work remotely from my virtual office to provide a service to people all across America.

Stephen Brooks

Army Veteran / Web Developer

Stephen Brooks

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"Steve is a perfectionist and works fast. He is mostly concerned with his customers being satisfied. He communicates a lot and proved to be flexible for my business needs."

Tony Dunn

- Tony Dunn, my website: my website

"I used Steve when I had tried WordPress and was tired of the back and forth with them. He made it so easy, I wish I had known about him before."

Mike Lawrence

- Mike Lawrence, my website: my website

"Great work from Steve, he was fast, and made it easier than using WordPress. I recommend him to anyone that wants an alternative to those pesky platforms."

Jamie Truey

- Jamie Truey, my website: my website